“If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think. We try to write in the vernacular.” – David Ogilvy (the father of modern advertising)

  • DigitalVarsity provides a unique copywriting online course that is easy, flexible and a self-paced learning system.
  • Find affordable, practical and versatile training programs that are in sync with the latest trends and practices of the new age advanced copywriting.
  • Our comprehensive training program is designed for on-the-go copywriters and aspiring entrepreneurs with an interest in creative copywriting either as a career or as an essential skill for their own personal & professional growth.


  • Aspiring professional digital copywriters will potentially get a lucrative opportunity to showcase their passion for writing.
  • Ability to be responsive to constant change in the various markets.
  • Produce the promotional, informative and persuasive copywriting text used in marketing material, advertising campaigns and on websites.
  • Bring concepts to life, to convey a message effectively and persuasively.
  • Our copywriting experts give you in-depth information to generate a professional creative brief.
  • Apply emotional techniques to persuade an audience.
  • Utilize effective copywriting theory to produce high-quality advertising.
  • Write Headlines and Taglines that sell.
  • Develop your skills in a custom-built online learning environment exposing you to numerous real-life copywriting issues which build in complexity over time, challenging you to think critically about how to apply your knowledge and skills.
  • Offer insightful feedback on your work, and provide answers to all your copywriting questions.
  • Encourage you to develop the seo copywriting expertise that top companies are looking for, required to boost your credentials in professional copywriting.


  • Highly practical and scientific approach to professional web copywriting.
  • Involves promoting a business, an idea, an opinion using words to convey a specific message with an emphasis on website copywriting and search engine optimisation.
  • Learn various content writing techniques necessary to generate winning copy concepts.
  • Hone your creative skills in storytelling and strategy in web copywriting, seo copywriting, writing for squidoo lens, blog posts, social media, article websites and hub pages.
  • Understand concepts like lead in copywriting, hook in copywriting, below the line copywriting, long form copywriting, tone of voice in copywriting, NLP copywriting and direct response copywriting among many others.


  • Our copywriting training program will help you sell the core value of good online copywriting internally within your organisation.
  • Optimise online content for search engines, email, accessibility and social media.
  • Learn copywriting strategies to build persuasive web pages that demand attention and engage with the user.

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