Learning Management

Learning is an ongoing process. DigitalVarsity’s platform offers complete flexibility in learning digital marketing that is ideal for busy working professionals meeting the needs of any student skill level (beginner to advanced) or entrepreneur across any digital marketing course anytime.

  • DigitalVarsity provides high quality, affordable, online, on-demand classes covering the most innovative and proven best practices in digital marketing.
  • The digital marketing course is shaped by the practical experiences of our experts along with case studies boosting your career in the field of digital marketing.

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learning management

Assignments & Quizzes

Just any assignment admittedly will not improve achievement, but well-crafted assignments hold the potential to make learning and teaching more focused and relevant.

  • Our Digital Marketing Experts are deliberate and highly aware of the context and content involved in an assignment.
  • Our assignments will assist you in gaining the knowledge and skills you need to take on a wide range of environments and opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing.
  • We conduct quizzes that help you master different topics in various digital Marketing Courses. Ideal for self grading with timely feedback.
  • Helps you understand the importance of the digital marketing course before they embark into the courseware.

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Personal User Profiles

We at DigitalVarsity believe that people have to project themselves and their careers as brands in the competitive world to survive the competition.

  • It is more essential and relevant today for individuals and companies to manage their brand and reputation better in the digital space.
  • High-tech personal branding includes highly targeted social media networking, personal websites and online portfolios, video resumes, etc.
  • We help you showcase your work, talent and creativity in the field of digital marketing with an online portfolio focused on the end goal: employment.

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NETWORKING is the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any individual or organization! – Adam Small (South African writer involved in the Black Consciousness Movement)

  • Effective networking helps you find a job in digital marketing, change careers, hire good employees, sell products, improve your business practices or accomplish any number of professional goals boosting your career in digital marketing.
  • DigitalVarsity organizes digital marketing functions, seminars, conferences and other social events giving you an opportunity to build a niche network of your own.

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About DigitalVarsity

DigitalVarsity is a perfect platform for learning and upgrading your knowledge online in Digital Marketing through our digital marketing courses. It’s not just a platform, but learning system that provides great help to make learning digital marketing online easier for everyone.

Our Digital Marketing Certification program is perfect whether you are looking for an update professional development and certification in digital marketing or you want to learn how to effectively market yourself or your own business.

Why Choose DigitalVarsity

  • Flexible Learning Options: Take the entire digital marketing program or individual modules.
  • Dynamic Curriculum: Digital Marketing Training is based on current industry trends.
  • Real Time Projects: Application of learning to real time projects.
  • Online Interaction: Learn from top industry digital marketing professionals and get personalized feedback on your assignments.
  • Online Support: Unlimited Phone + Email + Chat Support by highly experienced digital marketing experts for solving all your queries.
  • Placement Assistance: 100% Accelerated Placement Assistance provided to every candidate in digital marketing based companies.
  • Corporate Training: Customized In-House Digital Marketing training with flexible options.
  • Recognition: Receive an Industry Recognized Digital Marketing Certification upon course completion.

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